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5 Reasons Your Website Bounce Rate is High

We have all landed on a bad website and what is one of the first things we do? Quickly hit the back button, navigate away from it and find another one which is more relevant, interesting, engaging and up to date. If you have been looking at your website stats and your bounce rate is sky high, here are some reasons why that might be…

Bad Design

How does your website look? Does it look clean and organised? Does it fit your brand, product or service? If not, it might be time to update it. A badly designed, cluttered, brash website with numerous pop ups is off putting to your audience and one of the reasons they might not stick around.

Hard to Navigate

One of the top reasons a potential customer will abandon your website is if it is hard to navigate. Hard to find or disorganised menus are a big no-no and it’s well worth taking a little bit of time to overhaul it and make it more user friendly. Try your website out with your customer in mind, would you be happy with it if you landed on it?

Irrelevant Content

Does your website fit your values and ethos and encourage your target audience to read more? If your site is chock full of space filling and irrelevant content then it’s time for a big change. Think value, value, value, relevancy and more value to your audience.

No Clear Call to Action

An individual may well land on your site and love it, you offer exactly what they need at the right price but they can’t work out how to take the next step. Whether you want them to book a call, checkout their cart or subscribe to your blog; leave a well-placed trail to lead your customers in the right direction and point them towards what you want them to do next.

Out of Date

An out of date website not only looks like you have gone out of business but could lose you  valuable custom too! Double check your contact details, old stock that you no longer sell and most importantly, check your website is still fully functional. Old broken links and pages that lead to nowhere is not a good look.

If you need some help designing your business website from scratch or even re-designing your existing one, I can help. Book a no-obligation call with me here