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4 Research Tips for Writing Blog Content

Is it time to take the plunge and set up that long awaited blog for your business? If you have some blog title ideas but none of the actual content, this blog is for you! Let’s take a look at my top research tips for writing blog content.

Dig Deep

First of all, ask yourself “Do I know what I want to write?” you’ll be surprised at how much you actually know on your chosen subject when you sit down to write the piece. If the blog is for your own business then you are a good few steps ahead as you know your business inside out. Simply pick a title, start writing and see what comes out; you can always go back to organise and edit your words later. If you need some more inspiration, this brings us on nicely to my next point.

Collate Resources from the Internet

Pick a subject or a question you would like to cover in your blog and search the internet for similar content. This will give you some excellent ideas and create a framework you can use to get your own blog started. Whilst it’s important not to plagiarise anyone else’s work (your ranking on Google will suffer for it!) it’s perfectly ok to research similar themes to yours and create your own content around it. Consider your title and the points you would like to make as subheadings to create the ‘bones’ of your blog.

Explore Ideas

It is no use picking a question or topic that thousands of bloggers have done before you. If you don’t put a new spin or angle on it, your reader will quickly get bored and navigate to a more update and fresher looking blog. Have a play around with your topic threads and think outside the box. For example, instead of ‘How to Feed Your Cat’ try ‘How to Feed Your Cat When they are Unwell’ (sorry Flo!)

Get a fresh sheet of paper and collate some ideas with this one, the possibilities are limitless.

What Does Your Reader Want?

Ultimately, your goal is to get more eyes on your blog and content in a very saturated market so it is well worth asking yourself “What does my reader want?’ or “Who am I trying to attract when the blog goes live?”. Continuing with our cat theme (as you do), if you are trying to reach cat owners, your blog content will be very different to the content you would provide if you are trying to reach a professional vet, even though you are researching a very similar subject.

I hope my blog today has helped you break through your own reservations about writing your own blog.

If you need a helping hand, I am available to talk some ideas through with you or even write the blogs for you! Book a time in my diary here.