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4 Post Ideas to Help Generate Engagements on Facebook

The objective of social media for your business is to get more eyes on your posts and your business, build relationships with your customers and generate revenue.. The quickest way to do this is by creating posts that you know will engage your audience and get them talking about and liking your content. Here are 4 post ideas to help generate engagements on Facebook.

Question Posts

Asking your followers questions is one of the quickest ways to get good engagement on your posts. People love talking about themselves and what they like, all you need to do is provide them the opportunity to share their likes, dislikes, thoughts and opinions. Keep it relevant to your industry and you’re on to a winner.

Games & Quizzes

Who can resist a quick game or quiz as they scroll social media? This type of post is always  even better if your followers can win something for their trouble. Encourage your followers to share their results or share the post with their friends to give them a chance to win the prize too. Think about what your customers would love to get involved in, share it and watch the engagement roll in.

Video Content

With the rise of video platforms like TikTok, video content is explosive right now. Jump on the video bandwagon by creating short, informational or fun videos for Facebook. These could include behind the scenes footage, more in depth information on your service or product or even taking part in  a viral challenge to give your business a personality boost.

Trending Topics

What are people talking about right now? Have a browse on social media and see what the trending themes and hashtags are and make a post about them. If this is in some way connected to your business or product then that’s even better. Try to keep the topics light-hearted or positive unless your business is directly related to the subject so you don’t draw any negativity towards your posts.

I hope this list has helped you come up with some engagement generating posts for your own Facebook page. If you need some help coming up with more ideas or you don’t have time to look after social media and need someone you can trust to do it for you, I can help. It all starts with a no-obligation call with me. Book a time in my diary here.