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4 Best Practices for a New Logo

If you are just starting a business you are most likely beginning to think about your brand, including your logo but there are some things to keep in mind as you begin to create it or liaise with a logo designer. The perfect logo is born with a touch of creativity, a bit of inspiration, and a complete understanding of your brand. Read on to find out some best practices for your new logo.

Keep Your Brand in Mind

Contrary to popular belief, your logo doesn’t make up your brand, it enhances it. When thinking about your logo, it’s vital to consider how it will fit with your overall brand. Are you a professional business or something more informal? Do you like bright, bold colours and is your brand more outspoken or more muted and ‘traditional’?. Different colour palettes can evoke different emotions in your customers, so keep this in mind.

Keep it Simple

Simple is better! Complicated logos are harder to decipher if you don’t know the meaning behind them and you really want your logo to be instantly recognisable within a sea of logos, brands and businesses. Take a look at the most famous brands in the world and see how simple their logos are. Think Apple, Nike and Amazon for some good examples of logos that are strong and simple.

Make Sure It’s Timeless and Memorable

The first thing you want your logo to be is memorable so your customers and followers are in no doubt that it’s you but it also needs to be timeless. Using passing trends or fads within your logo will outdate it eventually. Basically you want your customers to recognise it immediately now and even twenty years from now. As technology and brands evolve, can your logo keep up?

Think Versatility

How versatile can you make your logo? This is important too. Will your logo look great in black and white or different variations of it? Can you scale it to fit a billboard or a bus if you needed it that size in the future? Try to think of all the angles and variations you can and ask yourself if your logo idea can achieve this easily.

Are you already in business? How many of these points did you consider when creating your logo? If you are only just beginning to think about your logo, this is an exciting time for your new business! If you need some support to create a logo, I am happy to help. Book a free, no-obligation call with me here.