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4 Benefits of a Regular Blog for Your Business

Have you just started a business? Maybe you have a brand new website and need to fill up some space.. or maybe you are a few years down the road in a successful business and you just don’t have time to write blogs. Business and blogs go hand in hand and it’s a good idea to use them as an effective marketing strategy, here’s why;

Prove Your Expertise

If you are an expert in your field then a regular blog is an excellent way to prove your expertise and share your knowledge with your followers. If they see you as an expert, this has the knock on effect of building more trust and credibility in the product or service you are offering. More trust and credibility means more custom.

Gain More Followers

Providing fresh and relevant informational blogs is a huge part of creating a bigger following for your business and the more people read, the more they will want. One of the worst things about a website blog is one that appears to be abandoned or not updated in a long time. Keep refreshing your content and your followers will keep coming back and multiplying. Taking the time to nurture and convert a potential customer will turn into repeat custom.

Showcase Your Products

Trying to sell a product or service can feel daunting if people aren’t seeing what you can offer them. Showcasing your offerings in a well written way gives you the opportunity to go in to more detail about why your followers ‘need’ this product and has the added bonus of reaching more people too. People like to try before they buy, but by allowing your customers more information, you have provided the next best thing and they will understand what you are offering and why.

Create More Visibility for Your brand

A blog increases traffic; to your blog, to your website and to your social media pages. Your blog will appear in Google searches and direct followers right to where you need them to be. The great thing about a blog is that it doesn’t just work once, traffic will keep getting directed to your business over and over again as people search for a solution to their particular problem. The more effort you put in at the start, the better the long-term results.

If you need a regular blog for your business or even a one off article, I would love to help. You can book a time in my diary here.