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How To Make Time In Your Schedule To Manage Your Social Media

Welcome back to my latest blog and this week I am looking how you can make time in your schedule to manage your social media. I hear two things quite often when speaking to business owners about their social media; “I’m just too busy!” and “I don’t know what to do”. By reading this blog, you will hopefully get a feel for just some of the top tips to help you not only manage your social media but also manage it well!

Let’s get started as I have broken this down into 5 areas for you:


For quite some time now, I have been talking about having a strategy when it comes to managing your social media. I adopt a very simply ‘7 Posts in 7 Days’ strategy and you know what? It works. Having a plan in place will help you keep on track and not allow your social media channels to become a Ghost Town.

Set Times

I believe that when a business owner is on social media, they will be spending more time on their personal accounts than their business ones. Bold statement I know but ask yourself; what did you do the last time you were on your preferred social media channel? Setting aside some dedicated time for your business social is a great way to get started. In case anyone was wondering, I don’t sit on my social media all day. I dedicate 5-10 in the morning, around lunchtime and then again later in the day – sometimes late in the evening when I am more focused and not ‘busy’.  Why not add an appointment in your diary for every morning at 8.30am to check your social media?

Schedule / Automate

I understand that sometimes a business owner can simply be too busy to allocate the time I mentioned above. That’s where scheduling can come in quite handy. If you are dedicating time to create your content (posts) then why not, simply schedule them into some software that will post it out for you and the time you want it to go live.

If you fancy giving my software a try, check out this link.


When you allocate time, this will afford yourself to be able to engage with your audience. Try something new this week. Every time you put the kettle on for your tea/coffee break, take that time to look over your social media channels and engage, comment, like and share. If you drink 5 cups of coffee a day, that’s 25 minutes per day of social engagement. What difference will that make to your social media strategy, engagements and reach etc?!?


Always be measuring your social media strategy. However, don’t measure too much. Try to avoid checking them every day. I would suggest that you look over your content at a dedicate time in your diary. Add this into your diary as an appointment with a reminder. This will keep you focused. I look at my Facebook Insights once a week. I am often tempted to check them out more frequently, but I set a time aside to do this and analyse this properly. I check out what posts worked well for engagements and, more importantly, look at the ones that didn’t so I can learn from this.

Hope this blog has helped. This was the subject of my Facebook live last Friday and I have also added this to my YouTube channel here too.

See you next time.