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How Facebook Ads Can Help Your Business

Facebook ads can be a huge help to businesses. I am not just saying this as a social media manager but as a business owner who uses Facebook ads to promote my own services. Here’s why…

Choose Who Sees Your Ads

As the saying goes, some people “could sell snow to an Eskimo” but that’s not what you are trying to do here. You need to sell your products and services to people who need it the most, a target audience. With Facebook ads, you get to do just that, target your ideal audience through a range of demographics such as location, age and gender.

Reach Potential Customers

Your audience is already out there, you just need to reach them. Facebook ads are an effective way to do this and get your business noticed by people who might not necessarily see your posts otherwise. How much of the overall audience you reach and when is determined by your ad budget which brings us on to the next benefit…

Stay Within Your Budget

Facebook ads are ideal for businesses who need to implement and stay in line with a strict budget. If your ads are created cleverly and you target the right demographic, there is no reason why Facebook ads can’t get you the result you want under your set budget. It’s cost effective too, giving you access to a platform with an extremely high online presence.

Create Brand Awareness

If you need to create brand awareness outside of your immediate circle of family, friends and business colleagues, Facebook Ads are an ideal way to go about it. Your advert is likely to pop up in anyone’s feed and it only takes the right person to recognise your brand for it to take your business to the next level.

Increase Website Traffic

If your website traffic is low or slow, targeted Facebook ads are a highly effective approach in advertising your website online for all to see. Including your website link within your ads or providing an irresistible offer which leads back to your website is recommended. Facebook Pixel is also a handy tool to see how effective your ads are and how they are boosting the traffic to your website.

If you want to learn more about Facebook Pixel click here and for more information on increasing website traffic, see my previous blog post (5 ways to increase traffic to your website)

I hope you enjoyed my latest blog. If you think a business owner you know would benefit from my blogs, please feel free to share or contact me with any questions you might have about how I can help with your business.