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6 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make With Facebook

If you have a business in this highly digital era, it is inevitable you will be at the very least dipping your toe into using Facebook to promote your business, products and services. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes business owners make when they begin to use Facebook for business. Let’s take a look…

No Solid Plan or Strategy

It’s possible that one of the worst things about a business on Facebook is a tumbleweed page. I have talked before about a ghost town social media account and this is born from no set strategy, no consistency with posting or no solid schedule. Being at the forefront of your customers mind means you need to be ‘popping up’ regularly on their news feed. If you would like some more help and advice with this, you can download my free guide here.

Not Showing the Personality Behind Your Business

Robotic posts and generic content is extremely off-putting to your audience who will quickly move on to something more relevant and exciting. Injecting some of your brand and personality in to your posts builds familiarity and trust. One good way to do this is by introducing yourself, your team or behind the scenes images or videos.

Not Utilising Facebook Ads

Most business like to save money where they can but the Facebook Ads platform is actually a really effective way to reach more potential customers and doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Ad spend can be completely based on your business budget and success quickly becomes measurable by working out the amount spent on ads against the eventual return on investment through sales.

Not Completing Facebook Page Details

Facebook Business page details should evolve over time as your business changes and grows and most often these Facebook pages get left behind with outdated information, broken links and irrelevant calls to action. To avoid losing customers, it is important to keep your information updated.

Not Checking Your Notifications Regularly

You can put all the effort in the world in to creating a tip top Facebook business page but if a potential customer or client reaches out and you don’t reply or engage with them, they will go elsewhere and your efforts will be wasted. Check your notifications regularly and stay on top of potential leads or previous customer recommendations as they come in.

Expecting Success Overnight!

It easy to give up when you expect instant results and they don’t materialise. Like many other business strategies, social media growth takes patience, time and consistency, and unfortunately some negative knockbacks. It is important to keep going and stick with it to gain long-term results.


I hope you have found some of these points useful and it has helped you recognise what you need to do to remain at the top of your Facebook game. If you would like a more in depth discussion with me about your own social media business needs, I would love to help. Get in touch with me here.