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5 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Your website is amazing, all of your products and services are listed, you are happy with your logo and your layout but you are missing one important thing. Customers!

My latest blog is all about increasing traffic to your website, let’s dive in!

Share Your Website on Social Media

This is the number one and instant way to provide links to your website and get it seen. If you have a blog, provide a few teaser lines in a social media post and link back to your website. If you have a new product or service, promote it on your social media platforms and provide a link so your audience can go straight to the product that captured their attention.

Get Blogging!

As I mentioned above, creating a blog for your website is an excellent way for potential customers to end up browsing your website. This happens in a number of ways; through Google searches, social media posts and external websites who have shared your blog, for example. Adding a subscribe option to your website on the blog page is a good idea too as you can notify your followers every time a new blog goes out which brings them straight back to your website.

Create a Landing Page and Promote It

If you have an upcoming promotion, special offer or time sensitive event, a landing page could be perfect for you and generally provides more urgency than directing people to your website. This landing page can also be embedded in or direct users to your site when they have finished signing up to whatever brought them to the temporary or landing page.

Get On Board with Email Marketing

Email marketing is vital in the digital age and provides a direct channel to your customers and leads. Create leads by providing valuable content or special offers that need an email address to be inputted before they are ‘unlocked’ and this will begin to build an email marketing list that you can use to get your message and website links out on a weekly basis via email.

Create Great Content

Simply create great content, whether this is across your social media pages or groups, within your website or through your blogs and videos, likeable, sharable content is what you need to stand out against your competitors and gain the interest of your target audience. Encourage your followers to visit your website, find out more and watch the traffic grow.

I hope you have found my top tips to increasing traffic to your website useful. If you need help to implement any of the above ideas or you just don’t know where to start, I would love to help point you in the right direction and help you get there. Book a free call with me here.